Ine - 20 - Oslo - history and art history student (taking degrees in both)

I love the Tudor dynasty, the renaissance, modern history, all history really, art history, impressionism, Edvard Munch, fashion, healthy food, cooking, yoga, running, anti-nationalism, atheism, libertarianism, art, poetry, music, books, my cats, my horses, animals, Oslo, Stockholm, London, Led Zeppelin, records, designer bags, notebooks, knowledge, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Stellan Skarsgård and sons, and certain other people.

My historical heroine is Anne Boleyn and my current is Mary-Kate. And that describes me pretty well I think.

Click here for pics of me and personal posts, here for words/poetry that I like, here for history related posts, and here for my instagram. See about me for more.
Feel free to say hi.
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